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2014-09-02: System End of Life
The FireWidget system will be reaching end of life at the end of 2014. If you are still running a form with the FireWidget system as a handler, please make plans prior to December 31, 2014 as we will be closing down all connections as of January 1, 2015.

Web Widgets FAQ

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about Web Widgets:

  • What is a Web Widget?
    A Web Widget is a "portable" piece of code which, when added to a web page, generates a pre-compiled mini-application.
    [wikipedia definition]
  • What is Web 2.0?
    Web 2.0 refers to hosted web services that aim to facility interaction and collaboration between users.
    [wikipedia definition]
  • What are FireWidgets?
    FireWidgets are a group of hosted web services which when installed to your web page offer a richer experience for you and your visitors.
  • How easy is it to install a FireWidget?
    Putting a widget into your web page is as easy as selecting a couple of lines of code (that we give you), and copying them into your web page. After that, you can administer your web widget through your administration interface here at
  • What technologies do FireWidgets use?
    Most of the FireWidgets use JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, and Active-X (SWF) technologies. Blended together, these technologies are hosted on our system and are administered through an HTML interface. Some of the FireWidgets offer "Vista Gadgets" for monitoring your website.
  • Are your services only available by subscription?
    Currently our services are only available by subscription, however if you are a developer and wish to offer a FireWidget as a service to your client, but don't want to involve us in the process, we can arrange a system by which your client will view our widgets via proxy (excluding us from your clients experience), and we can set up a special billing arrangement for 1, 2, or 3 year chunks (which you can turn around and bill your client).


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