Web Widgets FAQ

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about Web Widgets:

  • What is a Web Widget?
    A Web Widget is a "portable" piece of code which, when added to a web page, generates a pre-compiled mini-application.
    [wikipedia definition]
  • What is Web 2.0?
    Web 2.0 refers to hosted web services that aim to facility interaction and collaboration between users.
    [wikipedia definition]
  • What are FireWidgets?
    FireWidgets are a group of hosted web services which when installed to your web page offer a richer experience for you and your visitors.
  • How easy is it to install a FireWidget?
    Putting a widget into your web page is as easy as selecting a couple of lines of code (that we give you), and copying them into your web page. After that, you can administer your web widget through your administration interface here at
  • What technologies do FireWidgets use?
    Most of the FireWidgets use JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, and Active-X (SWF) technologies. Blended together, these technologies are hosted on our system and are administered through an HTML interface. Some of the FireWidgets offer "Vista Gadgets" for monitoring your website.
  • Are your services only available by subscription?
    Currently our services are only available by subscription, however if you are a developer and wish to offer a FireWidget as a service to your client, but don't want to involve us in the process, we can arrange a system by which your client will view our widgets via proxy (excluding us from your clients experience), and we can set up a special billing arrangement for 1, 2, or 3 year chunks (which you can turn around and bill your client).


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